The Magic Fly

The Magic Fly

The Magic Fly AKA Rob Watson took his name from a 1977 futuristic ditty by French band ‘Space’.

With an interest in synthesizers and electronic music from an early age, Rob combined his love of bleeps and passion for Jamaican Reggae to create The Magic Fly sound.

This sound takes the clinical precision and beauty of Kraftwerk and blends it with the infectious funky skank and outer space craziness of Lee Scratch Perry’s productions.

Rob is on a constant one-man mission for magical noises and vocals, which he sources from charity shop vinyl, podcasts, text to speech, tv, radio, vocoders, acapellas, hypnotherapy sessions, spoken word, retro-futuristic films, self improvement recordings, reggae 45’s and binaural field recordings.

He is currently living in Worthing on the south coast of England which incoincidentally, due it’s population of old people, has more charity shops per square mile than anywhere else on this planet.