The Champion Mushroom EP” is a romp of a record that truly captures what The Magic Fly sound is all about. Starting off things is Champion Mushroom, a monster dub-disco-breakbeat track that manages to source out original Jamaican deejay vocals and mash them into a hilarious Bill Hicks sample, all while keeping the dance floor burning with it’s infectious bass line and driving beat. Following that up is Thinking Toy, a downtempo dub reggae cut that sounds like something the Upsetters could have cut in the early 70’s, with a retro futuristic vocal from a British documentary laid on top of it.

To the flip, “Play That Funky Reggae” kicks things off with a very unusual female Russian robot vocal bit (You’ve really just got to hear it to understand) before bumping into a monster breakbeat cut with a catchy bleeping Kraftwerk melody, blasting drum break, looping percussion, and inter-splicing vocoder and Toots and the Maytals samples. Next up is JStar’s remix of the aforementioned tune, which takes things down a notch into screw-dub territory, a driving echo’d out track with melodica, chopped and slowed vocals, and a killer digital bass line.