Mawglee started experimenting with audio early, splicing sounds from vinyl onto tape before he was 10. He found great amusement in extending words indefinitely from story tapes and album intros.

When he was 11 he moved to Brussels where he attended the BSB with an excellent music department. It was here he started to discover a love for making music. He decided to persue his dream of becoming a drummer and formed a band with his friends when he reached 13.

A sudden move to Worthing, England at 15 meant that Mawglee was forced to think of other ways to pursue his love of music. His new situation didn’t allow him to practice drumming at home so he soon found that he needed to look elsewhere to get his fix.

Inspired at 21 by a television documentary about creating music at home, he decided to do dedicate himself completely to learning about music production. He saved over the next year working in bars in America furiously reading about music production and dreaming of the kind of tracks he would like to create.

At 22 he moved to Brighton. He would attend music college by day and work in a Casino by night to pay the bills. His lust for music would keep him up most nights and took up any free moment for the next 4 years. He sent his first demo of material to Tru Thoughts Recordings in January 2003 and by June that year his first EP was released, and his release “The Out Of Luck EP” on Bastard Jazz came in early 2005.