After a slammin’ year of releases in 2004, the New Year finds Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings springing forward and dropping our favorite, and most diverse 12″ to date. “The Out Of Luck EP” comes from Brighton’s Mawglee, whose previous release, “the Salt Water EP”, on Tru Thoughts Recordings is a perennial favorite of many a Bastard Jazz DJ. Needless to say, we’re excited to have him on board.

Remixes this time around come from Austrian duo Ed Royal + Enne, whose mid-tempo breakbeat workouts on their own Innvision imprint have been turning heads lately, and from NYC mainstay Zeb (aka the Pleb & Spy from Cairo) who’s recorded for such labels as Turntables on the Hudson, Irma, Codek, Stoned Asia and Wonderwheel.

“Out Of Luck” is a funky, quirky midtempo track with lusty guitar riffs, a big drum break, and crackling, timeworn vocal samples; while “Sofa” is a brilliant piece of temperamental downtempo – jumping from classical to dub to opera, all under the guise of a thick, chugging bassline and drums.

Ed Royal + Enne’s remix of “Out Of Luck” heads into jazz-dance territory, with a monster drum break, live congas, and a Rhodes solo; while Zeb takes his mix of “Sofa” deep into hypnotic dub territory with it’s pulsing bass and delayed keys. A true outerspace sleeper.