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Tempo Dreams Vol. 2 Release Out NOW

Following the critically-acclaimed 2012 release of our beat-centric compilation Tempo Dreams (assembled by Detroit/UK producer-at-large Tall Black Guy), we’re back at it with Volume 2. This time around, we’ve enlisted Bay Area mainstay DJ/producers Teeko & B. Bravo, two of the driving forces behind the transformative “modern funk” sound emerging out of the West Coast.

Featuring soulful electronic vibes, outernational boogie, and cosmic hip-hop from the likes of Miles Bonny & BRENK SINATRA, Pomrad, K-Maxx, Atjazz, AMALIA, The Insomniax, Tony Ozier + more, this tape is an introduction to a expanding scene that informs, educates, and most importantly, knocks.

Tempo Dreams Vol. 2 is available for stream & purchase on BandCamp now.