Lord Echo on “5 Records that Changed My Life”

Learning the soundscapes that touched the minds & souls of our favorite artists can be invaluable, lending knowledge to the origins of their sounds, as well as the sonic education that shaped them.

Lord Echo recently chatted with to explain some of these influences that he holds near & dear in their “5 Records that Changed My Life Series”

Here’s his take on Fela Kuti’s 1975 classic “Expensive Shit”

I used to go and listen to CDs for hours trying to find interesting new things (this was before the Internet, of course). I found this in the jazz section, and as soon as I put it on it blew my mind. I had been in love with reggae for a while, but I had a hunger for something more directly connected to Africa and this record fulfilled that and opened up a whole new world of modern African music to me.

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