Lord Echo Discusses Challenges of Making His Art in NZ (In-Depth Interview)

Lord Echo’s latest offering Curioisities has been making some serious waves in the blogosphere (See: Hypetrak, RollingStone). Now, the Kiwi has sat down with one of NZ’s finest online publications, The Lumiére Reader, to shed some light on his experiences in making the album, touring, & his perspective in creating in his hometown of Wellington, NZ.

Here’s an excerpt, on his new hometown recording space:

I’ll be able to do the next Lord Echo album out there. I’m producing Lawrence Arabia’s next record, so we’ll do that out there over summer. And it can just be my personal hub, rather than sharing spaces with other people, working out of my fucking garage or whatever, like it’s been in the past. I can finally be in a space that I’ve purpose-built from the ground up. Over all these years I’ve had all these ideas about how to set up a room for recording in, and I’m finally getting a chance to put my money literally where my mouth is, and put these ideas into place in a real way.

Read the full interview here.

Curiosities is available for stream & purchase at BandCamp now.