Daniel David


Daniel David (fka Trailer Limon) is a Bay Area born and raised multi-instrumentalist producer and singer. Currently based in Dallas, TX, Daniel is one half of San Francisco’s boogie funk outfit The Pendletons, which he heads up with musical partner E Da Boss. Growing up around a diverse palate of music, Daniel connected strongly to mid-eighties rap and freestyle music, while also being enthralled with the rock and jazz fusion music from his father’s record collection. “As a kid I would be super inspired by music like Funky Little Beat by Connie, and then I would hang out with my dad and he would be playing Shuggie Otis and Chick Corea. I feel like my music today is me still trying to meld elements of the 80’s dance and rap stuff I heard on the radio with the organic fusion and funky stuff my dad played me, it was such a formative period.