Pittsburgh has gifted the world with many great artists and the man known as Orlando “Buscrates” Marshall is a proud continuation of that tradition. A musician, DJ and producer, Buscrates has been making music in some form since practically before he could walk and started rocking parties behind the decks since he was in single digits. His journey, initially inspired early on by the music emanating from his father’s sound system, has grown to encompass many experiences as he has honed the two major poles of his musical inspiration: classic boom-bap hip-hop and the endlessly colorful world of synth-crazy post-disco boogie-funk. Both of these strains are heavily informed by his notorious record collection. He has gone from an initial setup of an Ensoniq EPS sampler, a no-brand turntable and as many records as he could get his hands on to his present lab inventory which includes a Fender Rhodes, a Hohner D6 clavinet and several products of the technical wizardry of Dr. Bob Moog.

Crates’ new material is a natural progression from the sounds he has devised over the years, achieving a new level of ready-for-prime-time sophistication that manages to surpass even his previous efforts for Bastard Jazz. It reflects the increasingly global perspective that has come with the increased time on the road he has experienced as demand for his unique and distinctive approach to sound and groove construction grows, not to mention the confidence that has come as a result of his interactions and collaborations with such notable figures as home-state hero DJ Jazzy Jeff, Da╠ém-Funk, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y.

Steel City now has yet another hometown icon to add to its illustrious roster and an additional and important face to carve into its own musical Mount Rushmore. The Buscrates Era is now upon us.