Aru-2 & Kzyboost


Aru-2 and Kzyboost are both Tokyo-based producers, known for their work in the Japanese underground hip hop scene. Aru-2 got his start producing for prominent J-hip hop artists like ISSUGI, SENNINSHO, Tamaki Roy, and KID FRESINO. His first EP, ‘ArĀµ-2,’ arrived in 2013, and was featured in OkayPlayer, while the collaborative album ‘TANH ,’ with Lee (asano+ryuhei) came out in 2014 and was critically acclaimed by Pitchfork. Kzyboost specialises in the talk-box and is one of the best known talk-box artists in Japan. He’s released two studio albums, ‘Callin’ U’ (2019), and ‘Keep Smoovin” (2020, fusing West Coast hip hop, and 90s R&B and soul. The two artists bonded over their shared love of music through sessions at Aru-2″s home studio, resulting in the upcoming collaboration.