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ALBUM: Jolly Mare – ‘Mechanics’ (Out Now)

The debut LP from Jolly Mare, champion turntablist and ‘new face of Italian disco’, hits today worldwide. Check out ‘Mechanics‘, featured by Clash Music et al.

2xLP + Digi:

Digital years comes with a misconception of rhythm and groove. A ball bouncing on the floor without gravity and friction could endless go. A drum pattern looped into a DAW can be infinitely repeated generating nothing but alienation of the listener. But once hidden driving forces start acting, they bring life into the game. Ball starts jumping less on every repetition, and drums played by a real drummer transmit something different on every bar, because it’s always new. Rhythm becomes a groove. It’s the same with the relations between a man and a woman: without romantic entanglements it can be a sterile, un-personal interaction. It’s love that gives it a meaning.

Jolly Mare debut album called “Mechanics” is a conceived as conceptual journey through mechanics of groove and dynamics of love.