“Shade Fader” from RUMTUM OUT TODAY

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“Shade Fader” is the slow-burning new single from RUMTUM. This release sees the artist deftly blend shimmering synths with a thoughtful bass-line to create a fresh and contemplative track, but one grounded in a retro, synthpop sensibility. A crisp song with generous warmth, “Shade Fader” is begging to be pumped through a stereo on a long night drive.

Electronic producer and instrumental enthusiast John Hastings (aka RUMTUM) has a unique approach to crafting his melodic tunes. The Cleveland native offers a broad frequency, and whether it be his love for native spirits or sea life, the natural world plays a significant role in the dynamics of his writing. From a young age his obsession for mixers and knobs grew into a passion for recording with found objects and handmade instruments. And while learning drums provided the musical foundation to understand bass and guitar, a fascination with synthesizers and explorations into field recordings continues to inspire his craft.