RUMTUM’s Newest Single “Tropic Air” Is Out Today!

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RUMTUM’s new single “Tropic Air” drops in quickly with a fresh splash of wobbly tape synth and relaxed lo-fi drums. You can almost feel yourself driving up a winding tropical road as the track opens into different scenic views. The overcompressed tape sounds dance along the groove while the smooth, old-school baseline is set to cruise control. Pairs well with the perfect sunset. “Tropic Air ” is the second single from RUMTUM’s upcoming LP “Isles in Indigo”. The album is the landing point where the story beginnings for musician and visual artist RUMTUM. While living in Hawaii and studying the coral reef around south Kona for two months, the LP was recorded on samplers and a Tascam tape deck. Returning to the mainland with only saturated rough drafts influenced this over-saturated lost island tape vibe. The recordings were finished at a mountain home in southern Colorado during the worldwide shutdown. 

Electronic producer and instrumental enthusiast RUMTUM has a unique approach to crafting his melodic melodies. May it be his love for native spirits, mystic symbols or even sea life, sampling the natural world plays the biggest part in the dynamics of his writing. Ambient loops and saturated synth lines set the tone while the bass and drums do most of the story telling.