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“Gold Splash” is a visual blast of underwater VHS voyages and saturated Synth outtakes. This track instantly transforms you into guiding a dive mission on the great barrier reef. There’s a playground of textural soundscapes and atmospheric pleasures inspired by reading offshore correspondence documents written by marine biologists in the 1970s. 

“Gold Splash” ” is the second single from RUMTUM’s upcoming LP “Isles in Indigo”. The album is the landing point where the story beginnings for musician and visual artist RUMTUM. While living in Hawaii and studying the coral reef around south Kona for two months, the LP was recorded on samplers and a Tascam tape deck. Returning to the mainland with only saturated rough drafts influenced this over-saturated lost island tape vibe. The recordings were finished at a mountain home in southern Colorado during the worldwide shutdown of COVID-19, it was an odd time to work on such an uplifting and mystical concept but allowed for escapism at its best. 

Electronic producer and instrumental enthusiast John Hastings (aka RUMTUM) has a unique approach to crafting his melodic tunes. The Cleveland native offers a broad frequency, and whether it be his love for native spirits or sea life, the natural world plays a significant role in the dynamics of his writing. From a young age his obsession for mixers and knobs grew into a passion for recording with found objects and handmade instruments. And while learning drums provided the musical foundation to understand bass and guitar, a fascination with synthesizers and explorations into field recordings continues to inspire his craft. 

released May 14, 2021 

Producer/Composer: John Hastings