“The Endless Winter EP” is the first release (and second appearance on vinyl) for Brooklyn’s Master Mosquito, a revolving door project featuring the members of Mujaji, Bastard Jazz founder Aaron Schultz (DRM), and friends David Langolf and Jamie Roberts.

Remixes this time around come from Ninja Tunes/Hombre artist Hint, and Texas’ Hydroponic Sound System, who’s excellent full length album “Grids/Loops/Intersections” is out now on Alternate Take Records.

Both originals “No Vacancy”, and “Sackett Street Stitches” (98 and 90 BPM, respectively) are melancholy beat driven downtempo joints – heavily layered with droning synths, delayed percussion, and distorted guitar mumblings intersecting with emotive and pastoral post-rock loops.

Hydroponic Sound System’s take on “Sackett Street Stitches” heads directly for the dancefloor, with a monster breakbeat, organ stabs peppered with gospel vocal stabs, and an infectious bassline, while Hint flips the wistfulness of “No Vacancy” into a Diwali-inspired Carribean track complete with steel drums.