Spring 2004 finds Bastard Jazz’s fifth (in a series of ten) EP’s moving forward on the path we’ve forged in our previous four releases. The original joints on the “Dubbled Up EP” come from two longtime Bastard Jazz artists – Cleveland’s Jugoe and LA’s Spooky Monkey (aka Saru).

Remixes this time come from the UK’s critically acclaimed Dr. Rubberfunk (who’s excellent debut “The First Cut”, on GPS Records is tearing up airwaves and dancefloors on all over the globe), and Brooklyn’s Apeanaut (who’s new 7″ “War Games” is out now on the forward-thinking Redbud label).

Jugoe’s “Collienation” is a vocal, reggae-injected funky downtempo joint, while Spooky Monkey’s “Drifter” is a chugging dark, electronic dubby track that harkens back to the days of early 90’s ambient-dub.

Dr. Rubberfunk’s mix of “Drifter” goes into immediate opposite direction of the original mix – fusing funky organic drums, a live bassline, and hints of old skool electro funk, while Apeanaut takes “Collienation” even deeper into space, with a thumping drum break, sci-fi synths, tweaked out vocals and a huge bassline. Certainly one for the dancefloors.