Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings returns a bubblin’ + eclectic 12” of tracks from label head DJ DRM, marking his first proper release on the label since 2001’s acclaimed “10 For Life” 7”.

In true Bastard Jazz style, the Bhunabeats EP is an absolutle amalgamation of sounds, styles, and flavors – cross referencing ska, dub, bhangra, and latin funk into the modern sounds of downtempo, breakbeat, 2-step and broken flavors.

Kicking things off with a heavy nod to Prince Buster is “Blinger On” – a 120BPM ska floor filler that pushes it’s way into a big breakbeat with a squelchy analogue bassline complete with a melodica skank and classic Skatelites-esque trumpet solo – perfect for bringing those 60’s vibes right into 2008! Up next is “Maya’s Dub” – a bass-quaking joint with big drums, delayed out skanks, horn stabs and bits of organ slinking into late-in-the-game Portugese male vox – smooth enough for the headphone set and bumpin’ enough for some early side movements.

Flipping the record over, “Creature Comforts” is a deep, uptempo joint with late-night synths, fuzzy tribal percussion, deep bass and a re-worked two-step break that flips on it’s head into a Broken sound mid-way through. Wrapping up the record is a remix of “Vidambana” by Chico Mann, also known as Marquitos Garcia – guitarist for Afrobeat supergroup Antibalas and accomplished producer in his own right, having released a couple of killer albums and singles on Holland’s Kindred Spirits label. His remix sticks right by his signature analogue afro/latin sound, incorporating the Indian elements of the original into a funky synth heavy rocker that defies categorization but gets ears perked up no doubt!