Mujaji’s Siempre is a deep mid-tempo breaks workout around 118BPM, giving nods to both latin funk and traditional Japanese music, incorporating both the acoustic guitar and the koto into the overall track. Cordovan’s Magma is takes things to more of the organic-downtempo side with a thick hip-hop break, a live bassline, and silky synths.

Jon Kennedy flips Siempre into something slower, darker, and more raw throwing in a hearty dose of his signature sound into the remix, while Adventure Time takes Magma and injects a heaping dose of the bizarre into it. Remincisent of the early “un-serious” side of the Ninja Tunes sound, Frosty and Daedelus mix up children’s records, circus music, tuba solos, all the while keeping it bouncey and hip-hopping. A special track, to say the least.