Isaac Aesili ‘Runaway’ EP is a story of his journey from his South Pacific homeland in Aotearoa, New Zealand to his new South-East Asian base in Bangkok, Thailand. The title track “Runaway” is a boogie blazing Juno 106 synth-driven modern funk jam that harks back to the sounds of Isaac’s earlier Funkommunity and Sorceress productions. “Creatress” is a mystic hip hop instrumental ode to mother nature abundant in dense jazz harmony yet simultaneously spacious and tranquil. “Motion” is a bouncing deep house joint that evokes positive reassurance with a lush, rolling bassline that evolves into a soaring climax featuring Isaac’s signature majestic trumpet. “Jazzmin” is the calm after the storm where a solitary Rhodes melody, an ambient andante beat, and haunting horns speak of overcoming turbulent times through returning to a place of peace.

Isaac Aesili is a Māori musician, DJ and music producer from New Zealand living in Bangkok. Internationally acclaimed solo artist and the producer and creative force behind Funkommunity, Sorceress and Karlmarx. Isaac’s original productions have been supported internationally by DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Benji B, and Lefto. His trumpet playing features on many collaborations including ‘Midnight in Peckham’ by Chaos in the CBD
(Rhythm Section) and ‘Layer’ by Julien Dyne (Wonderful Noise/BBE). A world-renowned musician on both trumpet and percussion, Isaac is a member of the Lord Echo band. His music fuses Soul, Funk, Jazz, Brazilian and Afro Latino styles with R&B, House and Electronic music. Isaac’s new EP ‘Runaway’ drops on 16th July 2021 on Bastard Jazz Recordings.

(I. Aesili)
Jonathan Crayford – Synth solo

(I. Aesili)
Marika Hodgson – Bass
Ben Helliker-Hales – Beats

(I. Aesili, M. Steele)
Matt Steele – Keys
Riki Gooch – Drums

(I. Aesili)
Kurt Dyer – Percussion

All other instruments (Trumpet, Juno 106, Rhodes, synths, percussion, beats), production and mixing by Isaac Aesili.
Mastering by Kelly Hibbert of Almachrome.