Hot off the release of his acclaimed “Isles In Indigo” LP, Denver, CO-based producer and visual artist RUMTUM (aka John Hastings) makes a swift return to Bastard Jazz with a remix for fellow Denverites Ramakhandra. Ramakhandra is a band that creates a mind bending fusion of future jazz and hypnotically free psychedelia, all with a rhythmic throughline that combines seemingly disparate instruments, influences, and sounds into a magically cohesive experience. Having created artwork for remixes of the band in the past, RUMTUM takes “Haku,” originally an 11-minute exploratory jam from their self-titled album, turning it into a stunning atmospheric piece that utilises the band’s signature harp sound to full extent, alongside whispers of vocal samples that float atop new bass and drum lines. The rich soul of the original remains, but the remix places it in an entirely new context.