Captain Planet has been on a roll over the last year, with the release his acclaimed debut album “Cookin’ Gumbo”, an expansive European tour, and a steady stream of head-turning remixes for heavyweights like Ana Tijoux, Katy B, AM & Shawn Lee, The Pimps of Joytime, Scrimshire and more. Now the wayfaring dj/producer returns to Bastard Jazz for a very special cassette tape project entitled Mystery Trip Vol. 1.

Approaching the project with a classic mixtape mentality and drawing inspiration from Madlib’s “Medicine Show” series, the Captain has sourced out sounds from all corners of the globe. Obscure cuts were ripped from vinyl, then sliced, diced, chopped and skewed with a hefty injection of original production, programming and homegrown field recordings from his travels around the world. What’s resulted is a 45 minute multi-generational sonic journey, touching on sounds from Senegal, Jamaica, Ghana, Puerto Rico, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Korea, Guadeloupe, and Zimbabwe, that reflects the depth of the Captain’s crates and his skills behind the boards. Mystery Trip is not just a DJ mix nor a collection of simple edits but rather an entirely new piece of work from C.P. – a love letter to the funky sounds of our planet and the rare vinyl it hides in dusty junk shops, back alleyways, basements and attics.