After a long hiatus, Canadian producer & singer/songwriter Dead Horse Beats aka Patrick Wade returns to Bastard Jazz with his new EP ‘Moon Mist’. Heavily inspired by various religious music groups from the 60s and 70s, the EP features DHB’s infectious hooks coupled with upfront, driving production and layered instrumentation. “I was listening to a lot of gospel music by people like TL Barrett, the Swan Silvertones, DR Hooker,New Creation, Tim Maia’s Cultura Racional religious sect era stuff; and also this Australian self-produced Scientology record by a guy named Richard Yared” says Patrick.

Singing in his signature laidback & spaced out vocal style, the EP is lyrically all about a woman quitting being a priest and starting her own religion in a retirement community. “I was kind of imagining her band all living in Del Boca Vista together making this record doing small amounts of psychedelic drugs and lawn bowling together.” As odd as that may sound, it sort of comes together and makes sense when digging into the EP – besides just overall just being a straight up bop.