The Joseph EP comes from two talents from up North, Toronto’s freewheeling producer/DJ Birthday Boy and Canadian songstress Trish (plus songwriter and backup vocalist Joe Law) who link up for a lesson in positive vibrations and soulful, R&B-infused house grooves. Throughout six heartfelt yet uplifting tracks, the duo let loose on a range of musical emotions and lyrical word play perfect for warming up the winter months.

Backed by Birthday Boy’s swirling synths and extensive beat work, Trish waxes on everything from the reality of the daily grind to the dizzying power of human attraction. “Golden Medal” packs infectious horns, with Trish singing pridefully about someone who lifts her up, while “Magic” toys with a mellow bassline and warm guitar loop. “Let It Out” takes a bunch of bubbly synths and throws them in with Trish’s uplifting vocals for a Kaytranda-esque number about letting it all go.

The pair doesn’t stay locked into any single sonic style for long though throughout the EP, with each track providing a different take on their collective musical vibe. Recorded in Birthday Boy’s actual living room and later given a title that pays homage to Joe Law’s important contributions to the EP, Joseph ends up feeling like where it was stitched together: a personal place where friends come together to make music. Consider this your invite.

Birthday Boy & Trish’s Joseph EP will be out on Jan 19th via Bastard Jazz Recordings.