Portland based musician and artist POSY returns to Bastard Jazz for his second EP on the label, “I Know A Place”. Moving to the left of some of the Lo-Fi influences of his first record, the new EP brings in more sophisticated instrumental work and jazz influences, working with a slew of guest musicians to set the mood more dusty than digital. Things kick off with “Aoi Yume”, a beatless mood piece with lush keys and saxophone, while “Better Days” featuring Natalie Slade is a lifting piece of 70s inspired smooth R&B. “I Know A Place” featuring Brandon Lee Cierley layers horns and harps into an easy listening atmospheric piece with a modern edge while “Seshi” sounds like a 5 piece band playing in a mid-century modern space station. Lastly, “Message To Jun” ends the EP on an uptempo note with flute, live bass and keys, and a drumbreak that’s beginning to be sampled for a hip-hop record. A big step forward for this bright young producer.