In the moody psychedelic slow-burn funk of “Mirage,” Captain Planet explores some less familiar territory, expanding his sonic repertoire while keeping true to his organic global sound, aka “Gumbo Funk.” Like the other material from his new “Sounds Like Home” EP, the song grew organically out of a jam session, in this case with his youngest brother Taj Bethel, a guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. Charlie Wilder, the man behind Captain Planet, has always made a point of providing his youngest brother with musical inspiration, regularly sharing lesser-known tracks and albums that were fundamental in his own musical awakening. The classic 70’s sounds of Cymande, Gabor Szabo and Baris Manco among others stay in regular rotation in the Captain’s studio, where the walls are flanked by ceiling high shelves full of vintage vinyl records. In “Mirage,” you can hear the two brothers lovingly nod to some of these influences, while highlighting their own unique musical voices and interpretations as well. In the Captain’s words, “the goal was simply to make a record that sounds like what I pull off the shelves and put on my turntable at home, and this feels like it perfectly hits the mark.”


“Mirage” is out on Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings June 24th; the “Sounds Like Home” EP is due September 23rd.