Bastard Jazz is proud to present “Been Here Before”, a collaborative project uniting Beyonce & Honey Dijon co-writer Cor.Ece (who won a Grammy for his songwriting on ‘Cozy’) and our own Bad Colours. Produced in studios in NYC & LA, the album takes it’s production cues from classic Soulful House, UK Garage, Proto-Techno and Disco while Cor.Ece’s soulful vocals and vibrant hooks soar on to create a cohesive underground dancefloor record with crossover appeal.

Building on Bad Colours impressive production chops, the album shows you exactly what it is from the very first second of opener & single “Say Yea”, with deep four to the floor drums, vocal chops, synths and rolling bassline alongside Cor.Ece’s lyrics touching on longing & disappointment with a sing-along chorus. Next up, “Mars” featuring vocals from the red hot Life On Planets bangs with a classic UK Garage influenced bassline, an instant hook and side-chained synth vibes catapulting the track into space. “What Happened To The Revolutionary” channels early Detroit Techno with Cor.Ece lyrically touching on phoniness and greed around activism and social justice. First single “Jeans” kicks off with an infectious House groove and Bad Colour’s signature arpeggiating synth bass & guitar licks while Cor.Ece’s vocals oscillate between smooth & soulful on the verses with an infectious staccato hook showcasing his vocal versatility. Long time collaborators and friends Gavin Turek (Tokimonsta) and Dave Giles III (Beyonce, Honey Dijon) come along for the ride as well on “Might Could” and “Song Lives On”