Pre – Orders Are Now Live for Captain Planet’s LP ‘Sounds Like Home’! Take a listen to his new single “PambelĂ©” with Jimena Angel, out todayđŸ„Š

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In his latest musical offering, Captain Planet collaborates with Colombian singer Jimena Angel to create a scorching slice of classic Afro Latin funk. The song began during a recent tour in South America where Captain Planet was playing some gigs around Santa Marta & Cartagena. A fan of Jimena’s previous work, he reached out and connected online, arranging several days of collaboration. “I was staying in a tiny thatched roof hut in the jungle by the side of the Guachaca river, making beats on my laptop with headphones in preparation before meeting up. This beat was one of the first ones I played Jimena and immediately she got the vibe and we started to jam. The song had a triumphant and empowering feel, and then somehow we locked into chanting the name “PambelĂ©”, who is an iconic Afro-latin boxer, born in Palenque, who holds a stature similar to Muhammad Ali for many Colombians.” The uplifting Spanish lyrics speak about always moving forward, never looking backward, while fighting adversity. Jimena’s powerful vocals soar over a super heavy bass line, accompanied by wah wah guitars and a hammond organ riff, with syncopated punches of horns, congas and cowbells. While the sound is reminiscent of timeless gems from artists like Ray Barretto or WAR, there is also a very contemporary feel and updated thump for today’s discerning listeners.