New Remix of RUMTUM’s “Escape Cape” from Brothertiger Out Today! Listen Below 👇

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Half a year after the release of his debut album, “Isles In Indo,” the Denver, Colorado-based visual artist and producer RUMTUM (aka John Hastings) has tapped his friend Brothertiger for his first official remix. Brothertiger, a pioneer of the early ‘10s chillwave scene, has chosen “Escape Cape” – track 4 of the LP – and transformed it into a rich, textural piece. While the original focusses on rhythm and melody, Brothertiger’s remix taps into and augments the lush ambience of the song. The drums lie higher in the mix, such that, despite the ethereal harmonies, the remix maintains a space-out danceability. RUMTUM’s original melody still remains, but through a kaleidoscope of layered sounds: “Escape Cape” has become dreamscape. 

Brothertiger (aka John Jagos) is an acclaimed musician and producer, based in Brooklyn, NY. He first made waves with his washed-out take on chillwave, alongside contemporaries like Toro y Moi and Teen Daze, albeit with a more electronic bent, and has 8 full lengths under the Brothertiger moniker. 

“Escape Cape” is out on Bastard Jazz Recordings August 26th.