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‘Testing Time’ is the first single from Hong Kong-based duo Blood Wine or Honey’s brand new album ‘DTx2’ (out on June 25th). The band’s seasoned multi-instrumentalists Joseph von Hess (vocals, clarinet, sax, percussion) and James Banbury (synths, bass, percussion, cello) combine to create a heaving, heady brew of brazen sax themes, lo-fi/hi-tech electronics, densely layered cello inflections and motorik drums. Zoë Brewster, a key figure of the extraordinary ‘90s Hong Kong music scene, adds a vocal lamenting the precariat: “we did not foresee / the petite bourgeoisie / would be so deadly / in their polity / their ambiguity”… Before we know it, though, we’re tripped and tricked into a final full-village-band 7/8 canter, replete with massed clarinets and a sinister bass undertow, as the vocal and instrumental refrains return.