Sam O.B.


Sam O.B. (fka Obey City) has a unique energy. This soft-spoken New York native is at once a producer, deejay, label boss, tastemaker and champion of the new-New York underground. He effortlessly handles each role with zen-like serenity—in a lost tradition of American culture, one may have said ‘suave’.
What started as casual experimentation and beat making for rappers and friends has evolved over the last decade into an unrelenting solo passion, resulting in a steady stream of soul-drenched bedroom music that avoids trends in favor of the enduring. He’s released records with LuckyMe (UK), Astro Nautico (a label he co-founded), and Classic Music Company through his collaborative project, Dave + Sam.
Sam is humble when it comes to just about everything, but his penchant for the sounds of soul, funk, dance and smooth jams has instilled a vibe that has grown up alongside a rapidly evolving urban musical landscape. The result is glossy, shifting music that seeks the weird, the unrestrained, the cleverly odd.
His new music under the name Sam O.B. expands upon this musical background but ends up being a truer reflection of his artist and spirit than ever before. He continues to collaborate, write and produce music with exciting new musicians and vocalists outside of his own solo endeavors.