Captain Planet finally returns to Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings for his long awaited follow-up to 2005’s massive “Gumbo Funk EP”. Picking up right where he left off, the Captain delivers more of the same Globally fed beats & breaks, extra heavy on the roughness that you’ve come to expect.

This is a killer 6 tracker aimed straight for DJs and dancefloors- check the heavy Salsa-meets-chunky hip-hop breaks of “Speakin Nuyorican'”, or the nasty MPC-flavored funk of “On Your Feet”, while “Fumando” gets things smoking in upper ranges on some serious chopped up Brazilian exotica.

To the flip, “Lagos Speedway” is a dance-floor destroying African club cut with catchy guitars, a deep breakbeat, nasty synths, and riot inciting Afro chants, while “Fresh Delivery” is a superbly feel good instrumental downbeat anthem with horns and chopped up vocals, perfect for beginnings and ends. As an additional bonus, our friends from Athens, Palov and Mishkin, give a loopy voodoo breaks treatment to “Speakin’ Nuyorican” to round out the EP nicely. Yet another sureshot from Bastard Jazz.