Coming from Liepzig, Germany’s Jahtari Camp comes a brand new 7” in a brand new style from Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings. Produced by the one Disrupt, (whose 2007 Foundation Bit album on the UK’s Werk label was a huge hit last year, garnering tons of attention from the blogosphere and international publications alike) and his partner Rootah – we proudly present the first ever vinyl release of the Jahtari Riddim Force…and what you hear is the result of when analogue gear pushed to its limits clashes with a sensi-circuit-bent Laptop…

“Farmer In The Sky” comes along with a laid back but tricky bass pattern, hypnotically driven offbeats, a great organ line by these dub navigators, and generally lots of surprises up the sleeve of your virtual space suit. All that while giving a nod to Robert A. Heinlein’s classic SciFi-novel of the same title.

On side B “Depth Charge” lifts off full force with deep echo madness, wide explosions in 3D, basslines coming straight from a Black Hole and crunchy 8bit-Gamma-rays from beyond the dibbi dibbi rings of Saturn! Watch that tape hiss on your intercom!