Sonically varied and tastefully-curated, the Brooklyn based independent label Bastard Jazz Recordings is an artist and producer-centric imprint that draws from the tidepools of Dub, Latin, Hip-Hop, Afro, Downtempo, Disco and House music, all the while maintaining a vibe that is unabashedly unique. Birthed in 2001, the label has steadily built a global following of passionate devotees through a consistent marathon of vinyl releases, boundary-bending compilations and hit albums that have become collector’s items among music tastemakers from all corners of the dancefloor. With a borderless roster of artists from New York to New Zealand, coupled with an ever-lasting commitment to pressing wax, Bastard Jazz has come to be known as “your favorite DJ’s favorite label”, boasting such talent as Lord Echo, Illa J, Captain Planet, Potatohead People, Colm K, The Elder Statesman, Brit Manor, Kid Loco and many more. Dynamic projects such as the label’s ‘Tempo Dreams’ series have proven to be a stepping stone for emerging talent thanks to partner curators such as Tall Black Guy, Teeko & B.Bravo and Soul Clap.

Founded by A&R and label head Aaron Schultz, and Art Director Jay Marley, the label has expanded to include marketing maven and partner Erik Schneider, as well as a growing team of creative visionaries that continue to push the boundaries of music, art and expression. A mutual love of golden-era electronic and cross-generational threads of funk has ensured that the sounds embedded in the label’s catalog have always pushed the needle of culture forward. With a foothold in every continent, but roots firmly planted in NYC, Bastard Jazz Recordings is defining a new model for record labels and creators alike, with an ear towards our collective post-digital future.